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CC | Curaçao selects US company to restart refinery

Raffinaderij Isla PDVSA | Jeu Olimpio

WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao has selected a US company as the preferred bidder for a long-term contract to run its oil refinery, stepping in before Venezuelan state-owned PdV’s lease expires in December 2019. Verder lezen

CC | Director Admissions Office sentenced by Court of First Instance

Cheri has been declared guilty of misuse of function, human smuggling, incorrect data provision, failure to provide data and co-perpetration of forgery | FOTO JEU OLIMPIO

WILLEMSTAD – Esther R. Cheri (Curaçao, 1965) was sentenced to a community service for the duration of 100 hours and for the period of two years relieved of her office as director of Admission Organization Curaçao (TO). This is the culmination of the Valencia case. Verder lezen

CC | Court-ordered sale of PDVSA oil cargo on hold

The Suezmax tanker Stena Surprise at Bullenbaai terminal | Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – The court-ordered auction of a Venezuelan crude cargo in Curaçao has been postponed on a petition filed by the original purchaser, Thai bitumen trader Tipco, according to sources on the island. Verder lezen

CC | Schotte notified of loss Parliament seat

De MFK leider heeft 2 weken om zijn ontslag aan te vechten. Zijn partner heeft bij de Gouverneur een pardon verzoek ingediend | ANP / Prince Victor

WILLEMSTAD – Former Curaçao Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte was informed by Parliament President William “Junior” Millerson via bailiff that the MFK-leader’s membership of the legislature has come to end with his irrevocable corruption sentence following the confirmation of such by the High Court in The Hague. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao court orders tanker seizure

The Stena Surprise has been sitting partially laden at the Bullen Bay Curaçao terminal since September 30 | Foto Bea Moedt archief

WILLEMSTAD – The Court of Justice in Curaçao has ordered the confiscation of a Suezmax carrying 380,225 barrels of Boscan crude to pay a PDVSA debt on behalf of creditor Energy Coal, according to sources in Caracas. Verder lezen

CC | Parman fights withdrawal ENNIA licence, emergency regulations and approval in US

Volgens de Amigoe, vecht de eigenaar van Ennia, Hushang Ansary in de USA  tegen de noodregeling en de intrekking van Ennia’s verzekeringen vergunning op de eilanden

PHILIPSBURG–Parman International B.V., with ultimate beneficial owner Hushang Ansary, is fighting the withdrawal of ENNIA’s insurance licence and the emergency regulation issued by the court in Curaçao with respectively an administrative LAR case and summary proceedings. Verder lezen

Opinion | Justice should be blind, but blind to everything?

Opinion Curacao Chronicle

Opinion editorial Curacao Chronicle: The court should be blind, I know. But blind to corruption, money laundering or other criminal activities?

Lately I have been following a peculiar case taking place here in Curaçao. And I was in full expectation of the court verdict. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao traveler missing in Miami

Missing in Miami – Dwayne Fluonia (43) from Curacao

MIAMI, WILLEMSTAD – There is a man from Curaçao missing in Miami. His name is Dwayne Fluonia. He has been missing since October 22 this year. Verder lezen

CC | Banking regulations being bypassed in Curaçao?

The case is being treated by the Court of First Instance in Curaçao tomorrow

WILLEMSTAD – Once again Curaçao is the scene of a battle between two international companies. The case will be treated tomorrow in court. Verder lezen

CC | Today sees the official launch of Caribbean-based online gaming site

Core offerings will center around football, cricket, tennis and basketball.

WILLEMSTAD The new gaming brand is launching their offering to Caribbean and Central American players. PowerPlay strongly believes that the Caribbean and Central American markets, with a passion for sports to match any region in the world, deserve a bookmaker and casino provider that customizes an offering for them. Verder lezen

CC | Venezuela prisons ‘beyond monstrous’, warns UN

Venezuela prisons ‘beyond monstrous’, warns UN

CARACAS – Conditions in Venezuela’s prisons are “beyond monstrous”, the UN human rights office, OHCHR, said yesterday, before calling for an independent and transparent investigation into the death of a leading political opponent of the Government. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao will have direct flights from Sao Paulo starting December

Andre-Rojer CTB

WILLEMSTAD, SAO PAOLO – December 16 will be the beginning of the new direct flight between São Paolo and Curaçao. The charter operation, in partnership with CVC, Orinter, Flytour MMT, Schultz, Anchorage and Travel Agents, aims to help increase the number of Brazilian travelers, reaching the mark of 25 thousand visitors from Brazil during the next year, around 67% more compared to this year’s target. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao Pride 2018, an overwhelming success!

The Curaçao Pride will be organized next year from September 26th through September 29th 2019 | Persbureau Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – The Curaçao Pride 2018 was an overwhelming success. A record number of people were present at the Curaçao Pride Walk and the Opening Concert at Wilhelminaplein. The other Curaçao Pride events were held island wide for the first time this year. Verder lezen

CC | Over 4.000 visitors at Flavors of Curaçao

Flavors of Curacao 2018 | Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – After several months of immense dedication and preparation, the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) successfully organized the island’s largest culinary festival, Flavors of Curaçao on the 29th of September. Verder lezen

CC | Venezuelan Supreme Court requests extradition of two Venezuelans for serious crimes

Hof van Justitie | Jeu Olimpio

WILLEMSTAD, CARACAS – The Supreme Court of Venezuela, through its president, Magistrate Maikel Moreno, requested the Kingdom of the Netherlands, specifically Curaçao, the extradition of Venezuelan citizens Archak Guerrino Badrossian Liberatoscioli (born in 1963) and Nathaly Elizabeth Gómez de Badrossian (born in 1974). Verder lezen

Opinion | Is Inselair worth saving?

By James Stewart Kim exclusive for Curacao Chronicle

Is Inselair worth saving?.

The current situation of InselAir has been spotlighted regularly, but there has been no tangible solution found yet. My firm and I have been advising and planning for the acquisition of InselAir until last Friday, for and on behalf of an interested party. A decision to withdraw has been made based on many grounds unknown at the time. Verder lezen

CC | America’s Got Talent in Curacao

 Glennis is a singer with roots in Curaçao | By Sharnon Isenia

Glennis Grace reached on Tuesday, September 18th the finale America’s Got Talent (AGT). She wins the audience but didn’t get the highest vote score from the public for the win. The forty-year-old singer was one of the ten finalists of the talent show. Verder lezen

CC | Carrefour to become part of Sambil

Carrefour to become part of Sambil

WILLEMSTAD – The largest shopping center on the island, Sambil, has just announced that Carrefour will be established on the island. Verder lezen

CC | Suriname accepts apologies from Kingdom Minister Stef Blok

Last week, a representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs traveled to Suriname to apologize on behalf of the minister | Chronicle

THE HAGUE, PARAMARIBO – The Surinamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepts the apologies of Minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs) after he had named Suriname a failed state, “and that has to do with ethnic division.” Verder lezen

CC | Court date case involving former Director Giro Bank postponed

Court date case involving former Director Giro Bank postponed | Extra

WILLEMSTAD – The case involving the former Director of the Giro Bank Eric Garcia will be postponed. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Public Prosecution, Norman Serphos. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao, Aruba and the Netherlands to participate in trade mission in Colombia

Hans de Boer, chairman VNO-NCW is the business leader for this trade mission

WILLEMSTAD – Minister Steven Martina of Economic Development and the Aruban Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro of Aruba will be part of a trade mission to Colombia. Verder lezen

CC | Update: International corporations against Venezuelan PDVSA

Storage tanks stand in a PDVSA state-run oil company | Fernando Llano AP Photo

HOUSTON, CARACAS – US oil giant ConocoPhillips “seized” Venezuela’s export infrastructure in the Dutch Caribbean for compensation. Canadian gold company meanwhile resorts to Venezuela’s refineries in the US. Verder lezen

CC | ISACA organizes its annual IT conference

‘Mastering digital transformation -Building a robust future’

WILLEMSTAD – The IT platform ISACA Curaçao Chapter is organizing its annual conference on 4 and 5 September 2018 entitled ‘Mastering digital transformation-Building a Robust Future’ at the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Verder lezen

CC | Rojer: “South America to become an important market for Curaçao”

Andre Rojer CTB | Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – The South American market has a new marketing manager for the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB). Mr. Andre Rojer has recently been appointed to that market after his work in that same position but for the North American area. Verder lezen

CC | New legal study: “The Kingdom in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the case of the ‘Isla’ oil refinery on Curaçao”

Snijders  deals with international law and the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands

WILLEMSTAD – Various studies have already been published when it comes to the Isla refinery and the violation of human rights because of the polluting emissions and the associated improper management. A new study has recently been added: “The Kingdom in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the case of the ‘Isla’ oil refinery on Curaçao ‘(Jojanneke Snijders, VU University Amsterdam). Verder lezen

CC | KLM Curaçao Marathon and Ride for the Roses walk hand in hand

KLM Curaçao Marathon and Ride for the Roses | Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – Curd Evertsz, Vice-president Ride for the Roses and Head of the Safety & Emergency Team of the KLM Curacao Marathon and Kees van Muiswinkel, Chairman of Foundation Run in the Sun/ KLM Curacao Marathon, finished hand in hand after the Half Marathon distance walk. Verder lezen

CC | Curaçao wins Senior League Championship

Senior League World Series

WILLEMSTAD – This tiny island in the Caribbean did it again. Curaçao wins the Senior League Championship against Delaware. Pariba Little League of Willemstad overcame a first-inning two-run deficit to down Delaware 7-2 in the championship game. Verder lezen

CC | EZ Air acquires two Beechcraft 1900D

The aircraft will be registered as PJ-EZY and PJ-EZA.

WILLEMSTAD – The small regional service airline AZ Air announced on its social media that it had acquired two aircraft of the model Beechcraft 1900D. According to the airline’s announcement the aircraft numbers 207 & 209 are in line for maintenance inspection and certification. Verder lezen

Opinion | ‘Continuous biased attitude towards AVA Airways’

By Oliver Arrindell for Curacao Chronicle

AVA Airways gaat beslissing Camelia-Römer aanvechten

WILLEMSTAD – The current Minister of Traffic and Transportation (Jesus-Leito) and Minister of Economic Development (Steven Martina) are continuing the biased attitude of the government towards Ava Airways Curacao that was instituted by the previous Minister of Traffic and Transportation, Camelia-Römer. Verder lezen

CC | European Union steps up support for three hurricane-hit Caribbean countries

The financing agreements amount to €30 million (US$35 million) © epa

BRUSSELS – Representatives of the European Union (EU) and the governments of Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and St Lucia yesterday signed agreements in support of the post-hurricane recovery and reconstruction efforts in those Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states. Verder lezen