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CC | Press release Curaçao International Financial Association (CIFA)

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The OECD has indicated that the E-zone, export regime and the legislation with regard to profits from Intellectual property (IP) have aspects that are considered harmful

WILLEMSTAD – The Curaçao International Financial Association (CIFA) has for many years, and together with other organisations such as the VAB (Association of Antillian Tax Advisors), cooperated with the Curaçao Government to ensure improvement and amendment of the legislation to keep pace with the constantly changing international requirements regarding compliance, substance and transparancy. Verder lezen

CC | Second bilateral technical meeting between Venezuela and the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are the closest gateway to the European Union for Venezuela

CARACAS – As part of the bilateral agreements undertaken by the Venezuelan Government to promote trade, on Monday Governor Rafael Lacava led the Second Bilateral Technical Meeting between Venezuela and the Netherlands, held at the Capitol of Valencia, which included the participation of a diplomatic delegation from the Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, together with representatives of the Venezuelan national and regional governments. Verder lezen

CC | Venezuela named world’s most dangerous country again, poll finds

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Venezuela named world’s most dangerous country again, poll finds

CARACAS – Venezuela ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for the second straight year according to a new Gallup survey, falling below conflict-torn nations including Afghanistan and South Sudan in terms of perceptions of security. Verder lezen

CC | Arrests in India linked to local medical school

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St. Martinus University opnieuw in opspraak

WILLEMSTAD, NOIDA – According to reports from the media in India, a fake admission racket was busted and five persons were arrested for providing forged documents to students for MBBS programs in foreign universities. The accused were identified as Anuj Dwivedi, Shushil Kumar, Raghav Singh, Marut Sharma and Harjeet Singh. Verder lezen

CC | US Forward Operating Location welcomes new Commander

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Good luck to US Commander Lieutenant Colonel Joseph T. Clancy III

WILLEMSTAD – Today, Lieutenant Colonel James E. Wells relinquished command of the United States Forward Operating Locations (USFOL) on Curaçao and Aruba to Lieutenant Colonel Joseph T. Clancy III. Verder lezen

CC | ConocoPhillips statement on ruling court

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ConocoPhillips statement on ruling court

WILLEMSTAD, HOUSTON The Courts in Curacao and Bonaire partially lifted the attachments only to the extent necessary to supply fuel to Curoil, the local oil company that supplies products to the public utilities.  Verder lezen

CC | American Airlines goes cashless at Curaçao International Airport

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American Airlines goes cashless at Hato | Persbureau Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – American today announced that effective June 1, 2018 the airline will be going cashless at Curaçao International Airport (CUR). Passengers will be required to use a credit or debit card to make any transactions at the airport, including purchasing tickets and paying for checked baggage. Verder lezen

CC | Economic growth in Latin America and Caribbean picking up

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Following recovery in private consumption in 2017, business investment is expected to rise and become the main driver of economic activity, after a 3-year contraction.

WASHINGTON – Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is picking up, thanks to stronger demand at home, and a favourable global environment helped also by rebounding commodity prices. Verder lezen

CC | Update: “Czar” of the illicit traffic of Venezuelan gold arrested

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Venezuelan “Czar” of the illicit traffic of Venezuelan gold arrested in Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – Yesterday, Curaçao Chronicle reported on an arrest made by the Public Prosecution and requested by Venezuelan authorities. The website DolarToday indicated that this was the arrest of the Venezuelan Archak Guerrino Badrossian Liberatoscioli. Verder lezen

CC | $47.3 million generated from tourism in March for the local economy

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5% more stayover arrivals

WILLEMSTAD – A direct impact of $ 47.3 million US dollars is generated for the local economy in March 2018. Last year, the same month generated $ 42.6 million US dollars. This is an 11% increase of the direct impact to the local economy. Verder lezen

CC | Xin Guang Hua safe and secure in the port of Curaçao

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The Xin Guang Hua in the harbour of Curacao | Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – The second largest cargo ship in the world, the Xin Guang Hua, was safely sailed into the port of Willemstad on Sunday, April 29th. This so-called ‘heavy lift vessel’ entered with two floating docks of Damen Shiprepair Curaçao, one of 230 meters long and one of 120 meters. Verder lezen

CC | Turtles all set for nesting season

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Thanks to Clean up efforts of several organizations

WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao Clean Up together with the Curaçao Dive Task Force of CHATA and Sea Turtle Conservation organized a special clean-up on “Klein Curaçao” in support of the upcoming turtle nesting season. This event was organized on April 21st in honor of Earth Day. Verder lezen

CC | Diving once again allowed at Superior Producer

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CPA announces that the waterside construction of the second mega pier Tula has finalized and that  the prohibition to dive at the wreck “Superior Producer” is canceled

WILLEMSTAD – Diving in the vicinity of the two mega piers Jacky Voges and Tula and or the Superior Producer wreck when vessels are not moored, is at the diver’s own risk. Diving in the vicinity of the two piers and or the Superior Producer when vessels are moored at one of the piers is strictly prohibited. Verder lezen

CC | Mexico paves the commercial ground for its companies in the Dutch Kingdom

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Mexico paves the commercial ground for its companies in the Dutch Kingdom

THE HAGUE – The president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, today strengthened commercial ties with the Netherlands in a meeting with the business community of this country, which highlighted the willingness of both partners to increase cooperation in areas such as the maritime, energy sector or agrifood. Verder lezen

CC | Divi Divi Air officially inaugurates new route Curaçao–Aruba–Curaçao

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DiviDivi Air Inauguration

WILLEMSTAD – Divi Divi Air recently started daily flights between Curaçao and Aruba. The official inauguration took place in a very pleasant atmosphere at the Hato International Airport. Verder lezen

CC | FirstCaribbean scraps plan to list shares on New York Stock Exchange

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First Caribbean International Bank Limited (FCIB)

WILLEMSTAD – First Caribbean International Bank Limited (FCIB) has withdrawn its recent public offering in the United States and is no longer pursuing a listing of its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Verder lezen

CC | Díaz-Canel elected president of Cuba

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Cuba: Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and outgoing president Raul Castro

HAVANA – Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez was elected president of Cuba on Wednesday during a session of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP). Verder lezen

CC | Coast Guard intercepts twenty undocumented migrants south of Curaçao

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Coast Guard intercepts twenty undocumented migrants south of Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD – The Coast Guard Caribbean (KWCARIB) held a vessel with twenty undocumented migrants south of Curaçao in a joint action on Wednesday morning April 18. Verder lezen

Opinion | Filling the void: China’s expanding Caribbean presence

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By Ben Tannenbaum | Curacao Chronicle

China’s expanding Caribbean financial presence in Curacao through DCSX

The Peace Ark sailed smoothly into Havana Harbor, floating past the aging brick Morro Cabana fortress under a luminous yellow sun. The Ark’s 416 crew members disembarked on a warm Friday afternoon in October 2011 without much pomp, pageantry, or even a token media presence. Verder lezen

CC | Council of State still without state councils of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

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Council of State still without state councils of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

THE HAGUE – The Council of State of the Kingdom has had to work for years without representatives of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, reports Rene Zwart of ABCmediaonline. Verder lezen

CC | Air Century starts routes to Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten

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Air Century starts routes to Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten

SANTO DOMINGO – The Dominican airline Air Century announced the expansion of its flight offer, adding to its portfolio the destinations: Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten, which will start its presale from May 2 and will be incorporated into its regular itinerary from June 4. Verder lezen

Opinion | The Netherlands give in to Narco-terrorism

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By George Lichtveld

Lichtveld: De huidige Nederlandse geopolitieke opstelling en strategie ten opzichte van Venezuela waarin haar (commerciële) belangen op de eerste plaats worden gezet zal ongetwijfeld verdere vernarcotisering voor onze eilanden ten gevolge hebben.

Last Sunday we took notice of the secretly undertaken mission of our new minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok to Venezuela, with the goal to improve the relationship with that country and to achieve the cancelation the blockade with the ABC islands. Verder lezen

CC | CIBC leaving the Caribbean, but FCIB staying put

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FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) stays

BRIDGETOWN – The parent company of FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB) is pulling out of the region. Verder lezen

CC | Update: Qatar – Curaçao open skies deal raises concerns in Europe

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Qatar – Curaçao open skies deal raises concerns in Europe

THE HAGUE, DOHA – Qatar and the Netherlands concluded an open-skies agreement for flights between Qatar and Curaçao, allowing for unlimited air services between the two countries. Verder lezen

CC | Judgment postponed, case is reopened

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The case will be reopened on July 13

WILLEMSTAD – On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, the Court of Justice decided not to give a ruling in the case of the Prosecution Curaçao against 3 Venezuelans who were arrested by the Coast Guard Caribbean Area on October 30, 2017 in the “exclusive economic zone” (EEZ) of Venezuela with almost 350 kilo of cocaine. Verder lezen

CuracaoNieuws | Isla: Radioactieve schroot heeft nauwelijks straling

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Raffinaderij Isla afval | Persbureau Curacao

Amerika heeft radio-actief schrootmateriaal van de Isla teruggestuurd naar Curaçao. Dat gebeurde eind 2014. Het betreffende materiaal ligt nog steeds op het terrein van de raffinaderij, maar volgens de Isla gaat het om een zeer lage dosis, dat in gewoon in cement zit. Verder lezen

CC | FBI to offer reward for woman who went missing 20 years ago

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Amy Lynn Bradley

WASHINGTON, WILLEMSTAD – The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering a $25,000 reward in information that helps find a woman who went missing from a cruise ship 20 years ago. Verder lezen

CC | Prime Minister invites Venezuelan Minister to Curaçao

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Premier Rhuggenaath en Marisol Gutierrez de Almeida Venezuela consul

WILLEMSTAD – This week Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath held several conversations on and off the record with people, institutions, groups and media about the situation in Venezuela. A complicated subject, but important for the country and the Kingdom. Verder lezen

CC | InselAir gets green light from CCAA to fly again

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The Minister reiterated that the regular inspections have taken place and InselAir is back in the air | Persbureau Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – The Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) gave green light to the local aviation company to continue operating its two Fokker 50 aircraft. This is according to the Minister of Economic Development Steven Martina. Verder lezen

CC | Confiscated gold costs owner in Dubai $20-30,000 per day

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De eigenaar van PAORO Armored Transport Aruba, Juan Carlos Toro Rodriguez maakte deel uit van de beveiliging van de Arubaanse premier Evelyne Wever Croes. PAORO Armored Transport houdt adres op trustkantoor Arulex van de vader van Wever-Croes

ORANJESTAD, WILLEMSTAD – Last Friday, an interesting case was treated in the Court of Justice in Aruba. This concerned a case related to the detention of the man who was arrested at Aruba airport with 50 kilos of gold with a value of approximately USD 2.1 million. Verder lezen