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Vandaag laten we Hilda de Windt Ayoubi aan het woord.

My dream ship of books

Would that I could saìl
on a ship filled with books
from each nation, religion, culture and race

I could then saìl – not only imaginary –
through narrative stories or tales

But also realistically over oceans, seas and oountries
to teach the chíldren on unìversality
A ship absolutely representative of a world that encircles
the ljfe of our children:

a classroom consisting of chíldren from different religions,
races and nations where the beacher seeks to build a team spirit
a neighborhood where children fi‘om all nations
play the same children’s games with a globe, a doll, a jumping rope

Not a shíp that separates but rather unites
the earth and skies,
no matter the faìth
the color, the origin

Would that I could saìl
on a ship with a multicolored flag
with gìfiaed hands that help,
with the one celestial choice
for Unìversal Love

The books would then be present
as a star vibrating through the body and heart…

For in the story of a kíd’s life
there is a lake, a hill, a shíp,
so when I swim in the lake I dream a little bit,
so from the hjll I look down at my village,
and on the shìp I look for a book page

with a magical image
For there is no frigate like a book page
that takes us to so many mysterieus terrains away,
for there is no shìp like a book page
that educabes and entertains so much,
makes us dream the whole nìght and day…


Hilda de Windt Ayoubi,




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