BCP | Government of Curacao issues the first gambling licence to a cryptocurrency online casino

Masterlicentiehouder Herman Behr geeft bitcoin casino’s op Curacao licenties

Bitcoin gambling reached an important milestone today. A cryptocurrency casino called Edgeless has received a gambling license from the government of Curacao.

This wouldn’t be a breaking news if Edgeless wasn’t the first online casino entirely based on blockchain technology that now has a license from a recognized jurisdiction.

The casino is not just using cryptocurrencies for payment methods. Instead, the whole software, including games, is written into blockchain technology. While similar casinos do exist, none of them owns a license from a trusted regulatory body.

Even though a license from the government of Curacao is better than no license, they are not as highly regarded as the ones from the UK Gambling Commission. You see, Curacao licenses are notorious for not offering player protection and for the lack of transparency. They only care that the casino is not running a money laundry scheme.

We don’t want to reduce the importance of this milestone. However, it should be noted that the well-known regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner have yet to approve the license for the first bitcoin casino.

Edgeless casino states that their license was granted on December 22, 2017, under license #8048/JAZ2017–076.

About Edgeless casino

Being the first licensed cryptocurrency casino is not the only unique thing about Edgeless. They are also claiming that they are the first fully transparent and fair online casino. To back up this claim, Edgeless officials are pointing to how their software works.

All of their games are using the blockchain technology called Ethereum Smart Contract. And they claim that this gives them absolutely no chances to cheat or rig games. Additionally, Edgeless is offering fast, reliable and fee-free payment methods. They plan to support all popular cryptocurrencies, as well as their own cryptocurrency called EDG.

Finally, Edgeless casino is starting the player registration process on January 18th, 2018. So, anyone looking to test their services won’t have to wait for too long. Even though we are still not 100% on board with Edgeless casino, this is without a doubt a crucial step for cryptocurrency gambling. We just hope that this casino makes the right calls and avoids controversies like some of its predecessors.

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  1. Renée van Aller

    If we win how is the crypto going from one wallet to another? Does the online casino mine its own currency? Or is it different from bitcoins and if so in what way? What kind of trusted jurisdiction gave the license? We are not talking about Curacao are we, as there is no honour among thieves? Integrity in the gambling world does not exist, unless we are talking about the honour between client / player and the artfully covered handsome laundering and tax evasions institutions. The article mentioned gives zilch factual information. Who is responsible for the supervision of the whole process? Is the gambler secure and will he not be cleaned out or swindled? What kind of earlier controversies is the article alluding to? To be candid, the content of this article is confusing to no end. Renée van Aller & John de Vries

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