BHZ | The ABC-islands function as the Caribbean hub for global Cocaine Empire Enterprises

The ABC-islands function as the Caribbean hub for global Cocaine Empire Enterprises

The ABC-islands function as the Caribbean hub for global Cocaine Empire Enterprises

Curacao is historically largely known for its smuggle of contraband. All the ABC-islands have all the needed infrastructures to facilitate the lucrative cocaine business. Transportation and banking are the main pillars for the industry to survive.

Curacao is geographically perfectly situated for establishing connecting goals. The distribution of cocaine to the USA and Europe is deeply settled into the roots of the society to favor world-wide crime rings.

Locally the native children of island are offered bad education, for them (the poor) to grow up as criminals. A new youth detention centre is build lock up the developed victims of the society.

The cocaine trade is so big that ruling this commercialized establisment became impossible. In fact, the system works the other way around. The Colombian drugs barons rule the Curacao government and its mentally impoverished society.

The DEA pronounced Curacao as a safe haven for sleeping (Islamic) terror cells and arms trade business, but primarily the ABC-islands serve as the undisputed number one in the world for drugs trade, distribution and the laundering of money flows.

The Dutch government does not have the manpower or political will to change the satanic industry, that destroys lives of many people living on the Caribbean islands and all over the world. The attitude of the business is rooted into the sidelined society.

Instead of improving the lives of the local people a new industry was added to perform is the world-wide scheme. The largest part of the global CO2 emissions are contributed by the tourism industry. Hotels seek out the most pristine natural locations in order to serve their greed and hunger for ego.

Airlines are well known for committing the most serious threat to the environment, contributing large global CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Tourism proved to be very hostile to conservation of the planet’s natural resources.

However, criminal banking and tourism go well hand in hand as the industries cover for the money laundering channels and exercises needed to continue the demonic drugs trade’s empires businesses.

In the image above, the global flows of cocaine are exposed for readers to better understand the hype of the devil in disguise.

AP / AA edited News 2015.

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4 Reacties op “BHZ | The ABC-islands function as the Caribbean hub for global Cocaine Empire Enterprises

  1. It is not that the Dutch people won’t tackle the problem because they can’t. It is the Dutch Queen and her noble elite friends. They have an agenda to keep their power. School down society and the drug world is part of the agenda. We the people know all this today it just has not sunk in yet. Question is what will the elite do when they loose their power is a scary thought.

  2. Men vergeet hier de oorzaak tot al deze elende, enwel dat Vermeend en den Uyl inder tijd in opdracht aan de lijband van Amerika de offshore industrie de nek heeft omgedraaid zonder er iets voor terug te zetten , met als gevolg dat het hoger kader personeel naar het buitenland vertrokken is, zo ook enkele goede middenkader, het lager kader personeel werd aan de goden overgeleverd waar de drugs industrie gretig insprong met alle huidige gevolgen. Dus wie is er te blemen niet de armere mensen die toch ondanks alles veel blijven proberen en helaas de uitzonderingen zwichten maar het is dus overduidelijk weer de politieke zakkenvullers die alleen aan zich zelf denken.

  3. Duidelijke taal, alleen ik mis wel een alinea, dat de overheid toch wel stinkend zijn best doet om de criminelen (en alle overige burgers) uit te schakelen door zware luchtverontreiniging / vergiftiging door de Isla en andere illegale vuilverbranders.

  4. Renée van Aller

    Why is education so badly developed that the only choice available seems to be in crime? A choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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