Blog Alex Rosaria | GZE goes belly-up in Myanmar, are we next?

By Alex David Rosaria

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Myanmar decided to cancel the project after it has seen “absolutely no progress at all” in the two years since GZE was awarded the contract to build the refinery in the South Eastern Burmese city of Dawei. GZE’s failure to comply was due to its severe financial problems according to last Thursday’s edition of the Myanmar Times. This refinery would have been the first refinery built by the GZE.

At the signing ceremony of the MoU between the Government of Curaçao (GoC) and GZE, the Myanmar refinery was presented in a film in the auditorium of the Curaçao Renaissance Hotel by the members of the Chinese State and Communist Party as the ultimate proof that they were serious and able to take on the refinery in Curaçao.

According to additional information I received from my sources in Yangon, Myanmar knew about the financial problems of GZE a little more than a year ago. This means that at the time we were signing with the GZE, they were already in deep financial problems half way across the world. Question is what kind of financial due diligence if any, was done by the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDPT). Quoting my aforementioned sources, the GZE has proven to be some “oil refinery wanna-be experts”.

Obviously we have failed at the financial due diligence. Another due diligence we have to do -assuming the GoC keeps the GZE as partners- is about the alarming human rights violations of GZE regarding the forceful displacement of many residents in surrounding villages should the construction have taken place in Dawei. Thousands of residents have been agitating for almost two years against the refinery plans.

The GZE’s intentions even captured the attention of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar as I mentioned in an earlier article*. Obviously the MDPT ignored or chose to ignore these alarming human rights abuses. Hopefully we will not only check the financial books, but also GZE’s lack of good corporate behavior as was the case in Myanmar. Only Willemstad can prevent a Myanmar repetition.

Willemstad, Curaçao

Alex David Rosaria (50) is from Curaçao and has a MBA from the University of Iowa. He is a former Member of Parliament, Minister of Economic Affairs, State Secretary of Finance and UN Implementation Officer in Africa and Central America.

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5 Reacties op “Blog Alex Rosaria | GZE goes belly-up in Myanmar, are we next?

  1. The only plan for the mdpt is to burn public money to the benefit of themselves. For many years, this is a well proves and risk less way for wannabe politicians to make huge amounts of money for yourself.

  2. Obviously we have failed at the financial due diligence.

    Als er mensen als Werner Wiels in de MDTP zitten dan verwacht ik niets anders.

  3. Trots op Curaçao

    Some see the light, some don’t.

    What can we learn from what Alex is blogging? A lot, but we don’t.
    Is there a way to do it better? Yes, but we don’t know.
    Can we dismiss the MDPT? No! Why ? I don’t know!

    All the information of what was or might been is not relevant anymore. It’s already known that GZE is past .
    There is a new project for the MDPT, called plan B, and there is where the new problem lies.
    This MDPT has no feeling with reality. This team has no interest in doing good. This team is just interested in doing as much damage to this country as possible.

    MDPT, just cut the crap and say to the people, as MDPT we have failed!
    Maybe it is the best idea to resign and never ever return into politics or leading positions . That is work for really grownup boys and girls.


    WE ARE CURACAO and we are sick and tiered of people who seems to know it all better and who are thinking only about themselves and there bank accounts.

    Change will not go as fast as you want, but it started in this year.
    Give time a chance. Give our government a chance.
    Give yourself a chance to see that things are changing for the better. Even if it is a little bit.
    Don’t focus on the differences, focus on what we have in common.
    Work with each other, instead of against each other.

    Be an example for the young ones. They are our future! So, what future do you want?

  4. @Alex Rosaria. You may be right, but do you know what it means to lose all credibility as a person? You are the boy that cried wolf!

  5. Waarom geven we deze lafaard die schaamteloos Fraudelyne Wiels haar gang liet gaan uit angst coalitiepartner PS voor het hoofd te stoten nog een podium?

    Prive is Alexandra Rosaria geen haar beter, gezien het feit dat zijn vrouw Elvira Statie met VDC hoofd en Schotte marionet Michel Romer het bed indook.

    Als hoofd van het MOT notabene!

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