Blog Sulbaran | The real reason behind the Sanction law

Blog MFK-er Jorge 'Palu Djo' Sulbaran - Medina

Blog MFK-er Jorge ‘Palu Djo’ Sulbaran – Medina

Right now Refineria Isla, a mainstay of Curaçao’s economy, is refining Russian Crude.

The acceptance of the Sanctions laws basically means closing of Isla Refinery. Case in point, they used Dutch born, Curaçao Prime Minister, Ivar Asjes (probably against a future diplomatic job) to induce his “Pueblo Soberano” colleagues in Curacao parliament, to accept amendments in the so called ”Sanction Law”, in which Curacao automatically accepts any sanction imposed by the European Union! Acceptance of these amendments basically means that Curacao automatically has to oblige with EU sanctions against Russia!

Opinion by Jorge Sulbaran

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