CalvinAyre | Full Flush Poker players fear the worst as site goes offline

By Peter Amsel


Full Flush Poker van Equity Poker Network beschikt over een licentie van E-management (Herman Behr) en wordt gehost door Antillephone (E-commercepark)

Speculation is mounting regarding the fate of Full Flush Poker, the flagship site of the Equity Poker Network.

On Friday, Full Flush players reported the site had gone offline without warning. Tech support told players that the outage was the result of a glitchy software update, yet as of Monday, the and domains remain offline.

On Monday, Full Flush’s official social media feeds issued an ‘important notice,” saying that the site was “in the process of updating our gaming solutions to offer a new, more exciting platform.” The notice promised to offer “updates on this change each day,” while apologizing for “any inconveniences we have caused during this period.”

Full Flush’s official Facebook page has been peppered with requests from players seeking reassurance regarding the safety of their deposits, and the page has replied that “all balances are safe. It is guaranteed.”

Not everyone is buying it. The Curacao-licensed Full Flush was known to be having troubles processing players’ cashout requests and unconfirmed reports have suggested Full Flush affiliates are owed up to $5m in overdue payments.

A poster on the PokerFraudAlert forum claimed that Full Flush “got kicked from the gaming server park in Curacao.” The company’s Curacao licensing page currently lists its e-gaming license status as “suspended.” The licensing page lists two other domains besides Full Flush and Equity: and Only the latter is currently online.

On Monday, SafestPokerSites reported that Full Flush’s dot-com domain was for sale for $1,500. The site also reported that online sportsbook Heritage Sports, which operated a poker skin on the Equity network, had closed its poker site on Friday and scrubbed any reference to the poker offering from its homepage.

Full Flush underwent an ownership change last December, although little was disclosed at the time about the people who assumed the reins of power.

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