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BBC | Juan Guaidó: ‘We want genuinely free elections in Venezuela’

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó has dismissed allegations that he has sabotaged the country’s electrical system. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela: Thousands join rival rallies as power cuts continue

Media captionProtesters tried to push back lines of riot police in Caracas

Rival demonstrations are taking place in Venezuela in response to calls by opposition leader Juan Guaidó and President Nicolás Maduro. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela crisis: Guaidó sets up possible confrontation over US aid

Aid has been unloaded from US planes in Colombia and driven towards the Venezuela border | Mr Guaidó has also said that more aid will be flown to the Dutch territory of Curaçao early next week | AFP

Venezuela’s self-declared interim leader has set up a confrontation over US aid by calling for Venezuelans to cross borders and bring it into the country next week. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela crisis: US sending aid ‘at Guaidó’s request’

Sunday sees the expiration of a deadline set by several European countries – including France, Britain, Germany and Spain – for Mr Maduro to call presidential elections. If he does not, they say, they will recognise Mr Guaidó as president.

The US says it is sending aid to crisis-hit Venezuela following a request from Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who has declared himself interim president. Verder lezen

BBC | Juan Guaidó: US backs opposition as Venezuela president

Trump also recognizes Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó as acting president

US President Donald Trump has said he recognises Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president. Verder lezen

BBC | The godfather of fake news

Meet one of the world’s most prolific writers of disinformation |
By Anisa Subedar

Christopher Blair

Christopher Blair takes a sip of his coffee. Then he carefully focuses on one of the three screens in front of him. He’s in his home office, 45 minutes outside Portland, Maine, on the US East Coast. Stroking his thick beard, he looks at his bookmarks bar. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela crisis hits food markets and a morgue

Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia

Millions of Venezuelans have left the country in the last two years, fleeing the oil-rich nation’s economic collapse. Verder lezen

BBC | Gold, rabbits and crypto: Venezuela’s strange economic plans

Venezuela has revamped its currency to try to stem rampant inflation | Getty

For years, Venezuela has been in the headlines for its economic woes, including chronic shortages of food and medicine. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela’s migration crisis: Is enough being done?

More than two million Venezuelans have left since 2014 | AFP

It has been called one of the worst migration crises in Latin America’s history. The United Nations has said it could reach a “crisis point’ comparable to what was seen in the Mediterranean in 2015. And Brazil’s President Michel Temer has warned it is now a threat to the peace of all of South America. The BBC’s South America correspondent, Katy Watson, looks at how the crisis has been dealt with so far and what more can be done. How are Venezuela’s neighbours coping? Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuelans rush to Peru to beat passport deadline

Venezuelans who do not have money for the bus are doing the journey on foot | AFP

Venezuelans trying to emigrate to Peru are rushing to get there before Saturday when new rules will come into force requiring them to have valid passports. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela vice-president Delcy Rodríguez banned from EU

Delcy Rodriguez was foreign minister and head of the National Constituent Assembly before becoming vice-president | Reuters

The European Union has imposed sanctions on 11 Venezuelan officials following elections in May which the EU says were “neither free nor fair”. Verder lezen

BBC | President Trump bans deals in Venezuela’s crypto-currency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched the crypto-currency last month

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order barring US companies and citizens from dealing in Venezuela’s crypto-currency, the Petro. Verder lezen

BBC | Spain expels Venezuela’s ambassador in tit-for-tat move

The Spanish ambassador Jesús Fernández has been in Caracas for less than a year

Spain has declared Venezuela’s ambassador to Madrid, Mario Isea, persona non grata. On Thursday Venezuela announced it was expelling the Spanish ambassador to Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela expels Spanish ambassador after EU sanctions

Jesús Silva Fernández

Venezuela has expelled the Spanish ambassador to Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández, accusing him of interfering in its internal affairs. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela helicopter attack pilot Oscar Pérez buried

Oscar Pérez’s grave was marked with a simple brick but supporters have laid flowers

The Venezuelan authorities have allowed a rebel police officer who was killed by the security forces to be buried. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela releases 80 anti-government activists

More than 30 activists have so far been released | EPA

The Venezuelan government says it is releasing 80 people detained during demonstrations as a Christmas goodwill gesture. Verder lezen

BBC | Russia’s Rosneft wins gas licences in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro (L) greeting the head of the Russian state-owned oil giant Rosneft, Igor Sechin | Reuters

Venezuela has awarded licences to Russian energy giant Rosneft to develop two offshore gas fields. The deal allows its subsidiary, Grupo Rosneft, to export gas produced at the Patao and Mejillones fields in the Caribbean Sea for the next 30 years. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela opposition banned from running in 2018 election

Lilian Tintori wife of arrested political leader Leopoldo Lopez | EPA/Cristian Hernandez

Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, says the country’s main opposition parties are banned from taking part in next year’s presidential election. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela’s ex-oil minister and ex-PDVSA head arrested

Head of state oil company PDVSA Nelson Martínez (left) and Oli minister Eulogio del Pino were powerful figures in the government until their sacking | Reuters

Two powerful Venezuelan former oil officials have been arrested as part of a sweeping anti-corruption operation. Verder lezen

BBC | Hurricane Irma: Florida braces for storm arrival

The outer bands of Irma have already reached Miami | Getty images

Wind gusts close to hurricane force are battering islands in Florida’s south as Hurricane Irma is due to hit the mainland in the coming hours. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela investigates sacked prosecutor Luisa Ortega

Luisa Ortega has been a vocal critic of left-wing President Nicolás Maduro | Reuters

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor says the government is investigating a corruption scheme involving his predecessor, Luisa Ortega. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela to vote on constituent assembly amid protests

Barricades have been set up by anti-government protesters across the capital | AFP

Voting begins in Venezuela shortly to elect a new assembly with powers to rewrite the constitution. The opposition is boycotting the vote which it says is a power grab by President Nicolás Maduro. Verder lezen

HLN | Venezolanen op de vlucht: “Thuis konden we niet meer overleven”

Al meer dan 100 dagen protesteren Venezolanen tegen hun president Nicolas Maduro en zijn socialistische regering. Bijna 100 mensen zijn al om het leven gekomen © afp

Terwijl hun land verder wegzakt in een humanitaire crisis door economische problemen en politieke onderdrukking, vluchten steeds meer Venezolanen naar de buurlanden om te kunnen overleven. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela National Assembly stormed by Maduro supporters

Media captionInjured opposition members left the building with bloodied heads

About 100 government supporters burst into Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly, where they beat up several lawmakers. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela reopens border with Colombia after eight days

 Long queues formed in the main crossing, linking San Antonio del Tachira in Venezuela to Cucuta in Colombia | AFP

Long queues formed in the main crossing, linking San Antonio del Tachira in Venezuela to Cucuta in Colombia | AFP

Venezuela has reopened its border with Colombia, eight days after President Nicolas Maduro closed it in order to combat smuggling. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela issues new banknotes after inflation

On Friday, Venezuela’s credit card and cash machine system froze, leaving businesses unable to process transactions and having to ask for cash or to delay payment.

Venezuela is issuing new higher-value notes to help deal with some of the practical problems of soaring inflation. A backpack full of cash is often required to pay bills at a restaurant or supermarket. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela: Vatican-backed talks are ‘last chance’ for peace

President Maduro faces calls to step down amid Venezuela’s worsening economiccrisis

Talks between Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition are the “last best effort” to finding a peaceful solution to the country’s political impasse, a US official says. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela: General strike staged against Nicolas Maduro

Hundreds of thousands rallied against President Maduro on Wednesday | AP

Opposition leaders in Venezuela have staged a general strike to push for a referendum on removing President Nicolas Maduro from power. Verder lezen

BBC | Trading bloc Mercosur gives warning to Venezuela

President Maduro, seen here on his TV programme, welcomed delegates more than 100 countries while his region's trading bloc threatened to suspend Venezuela  | Reuters

President Maduro, seen here on his TV programme, welcomed delegates more than 100 countries while his region’s trading bloc threatened to suspend Venezuela | Reuters

The South American trading bloc Mercosur has threatened to suspend Venezuela if it does not comply with a series of trade and human rights rules. Verder lezen

BBC | Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos sent to prison again

Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos sent to prison again

Venezuela opposition leader Daniel Ceballos sent to prison again

One of Venezuela’s main opposition leaders, Daniel Ceballos, has been sent back to jail. Verder lezen