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DH | Theo’s detention extended, to be transferred back to St. Maarten

Theo ‘Catfish’ Heyliger

PHILIPSBURG–The Court of First Instance Judge of Instruction ruled on Friday to keep suspended Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger in pre-trial detention 60 days with the condition that he will be transferred back to St. Maarten. Heyliger’s lawyers argued that the transfer to Bonaire was uncalled for and illegal. Verder lezen

DH | Lawyer Brooks appeal presumably in October

Attorney-at-law Brenda Brooks with members of her legal defence team, from left, lawyers Sjamira Roseburg, Peggy Ann Brandon and Nerissa de la Rosa.

PHILIPSBURG–The appeals against attorney-at-law Brenda Brooks’ conviction of bribery charges, will most likely be heard by the Joint Court of Justice in October, it was said Thursday. Verder lezen

DH | Saba welcomes new ‘Big B’ ferry service

The new service of Blue Peter Charters will run five days a week | Daily Herald

SABA–The new ferry service between St. Maarten and Saba with Big B, a 230-passenger 130-foot vessel owned by Bobby Velasquez, was inaugurated on Thursday. Verder lezen

DH | St. Maarten prison motions voted down

Pointe Blanche gevangenis | Daily Herald

THE HAGUE–Two green left party GroenLinks motions dealing with the human rights situation and detention circumstances of St. Maarten’s Pointe Blanche prison failed to muster a majority when they came to voting in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament on Tuesday. Verder lezen

DH | Coast Guard Metal Shark vessels taken into service

SXM Metal Shark vessels Coast Guard

SIMPSON BAY–Strengthening St. Maarten Coast Guard was the strong sentiment expressed by officials during a brief ceremony on Tuesday morning inaugurating four new Metal Shark vessels for the Coast Guard. Verder lezen

DH | Dutch approve for Aruba to request EU assistance

Members of the parliamentary delegation with Minister Blok

THE HAGUE–The Aruba government will be requesting six million euros in financial assistance from the European Union (EU) to help Aruba cope with the influx of refugees from Venezuela. Verder lezen

DH | Sale of UTS in final stage

Jesus Leito She said they are awaiting advice from legal experts and corporate governance supervisor SBTNO. | Extra

WILLEMSTAD–The acquisition of United Telecommunication Services (UTS) by Liberty Latin America is nearing completion, according to Curaçao Minister of Traffic, Transport and Telecommunication Zita Jesus-Leito, who is still not officially naming the potential buyer. Verder lezen

DH Adding Curaçao to US treaty is also good for St. Maarten

Aruba and St. Maarten are already party to this treaty between the US and the Kingdom regarding the status of US military personnel in the Dutch Caribbean.

THE HAGUE–Extending the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between the United States (US) and the Dutch Kingdom to include Curaçao is beneficial for St. Maarten where it comes to US participation in disaster management. Verder lezen

DH | 472 registered as unemployed in 2018, 44 referred for jobs and six find work

SXM minister Emil Lee | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–A total of 472 persons registered as unemployed at the Department of Labour in 2018, including persons who are required to register as a prerequisite to receiving financial and medical aid, and persons who are unemployable due to disability, for example. Verder lezen

DH | Process to fill Theo’s MP seat is started

Theo Heyliger SXM | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Just like Parliament is one seat short of its full complement of fifteen members with the detention of now-suspended Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger, Friday morning’s meeting to make a decision about filling his seat was one MP short of a quorum. The meeting was recalled at 1:00pm with nine MPs present. Verder lezen

DH | Heyliger’s family members want answers from Justice Minister

Wife and familymembers unhappy about threatment police | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Family members of detained United Democrats leader Theodore Heyliger want answers from Justice Minister Cornelius de Weever about the handling and method being used by Anti-Corruption Task Force investigators when dealing with the suspended Member of Parliament’s (MP’s) criminal case. Verder lezen

DH | Justice Minister gives Parliament state of affairs with prison, police

MPs fired questions and gave their take on the attitude of the Netherlands that De Weever is not doing enough to fix the long-standing issues of the prison.

PHILIPSBURG–Justice Minister Cornelius de Weever informed members of the Central Committee of Parliament about the state of affairs regarding the Progress Committee’s report on the Police Force and the Pointe Blanche prison, as well as proposed measures to improve the deplorable conditions at both. Verder lezen

DH | Heyliger’s lawyer files petition with court to return him to St. Maarten

A Heyliger supporter holding up a sign during the MP’s hearing Friday. | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Detained Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger’s attorney Eldon “Peppie” Sulvaran filed a petition with the Court of First Instance on Monday citing that the transfer of his client last week was unacceptable and requesting that the court order Heyliger’s return to St. Maarten immediately. Verder lezen

DH | No decision yet on Heyliger’s suspension from Parliament

Theo Heyliger SXM | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–The almost-nine-year-old St. Maarten Parliament is facing yet a new challenge with its role, the letter of the Constitution and its resulting laws. Verder lezen

DH | Mercelina: People should not forget Heyliger’s ‘significance’

Mercelina: People should not forget Heyliger’s ‘significance’

PHILIPSBURG–“I do not want the emptiness of this chair next to me to pass by unnoticed this morning. As we know, this chair is being occupied by Member of Parliament Theodore Heyliger,” said MP Dr. Luc Mercelina of his party leader who was detained more than eight days ago in an ongoing criminal investigation. Verder lezen

DH | Advice against returning inmates to St. Maarten

Point blanche gevangenis | Daily Herald

THE HAGUE–Dutch civil servants have advised their government to hold off on sending back the fifteen St. Maarten inmates housed in prisons in the Netherlands after Hurricane Irma because there is a real risk of human rights violations as long as the circumstances at the Pointe Blanche penitentiary have not drastically improved. Verder lezen

DH | Heyliger’s lawyer says his client’s detention is torture and inhumane

~ Court hearing set for today ~

PHILIPSBURG–Detained Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger’s stay in the Philipsburg police station holding cells should be considered torture and inhumane, according to his lawyer Eldon “Peppie” Sulvaran on Thursday. Verder lezen

DH | Smith says up to MPs to follow Ministers with salary reduction

Deputy Prime Minister Wycliffe Smith | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–With members of the Council of Ministers having signed a release that they would be voluntarily giving up ten per cent of their salaries, Deputy Prime Minister Wycliffe Smith said on Wednesday that it is now up to Members of Parliament (MPs) to do the same. Verder lezen

DH | CBCS top confirmed

The two executive directors took a similar oath some two weeks earlier before the Governor of Curaçao.

Leila Matroos-Lasten and José Jardim were sworn in as executive directors of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) on February 20 when they took the oath of office before Governor Eugene Holiday. Verder lezen

DH | St. Maarten Heineken Regatta Village officially opens Monday February 25

The grand opening of the Heineken Regatta village is tonight at Port de Plaisance | Daily Herald

SIMPSON BAY–The St Maarten Heineken Regatta organisation is hosting a kick-off party for the Regatta Village’s grand opening in Port de Plaisance today, Monday, February 25, at 6:00pm, just days away from the start of the much anticipated 39th edition starting Thursday, February 28 until Sunday, March 3. Verder lezen

DH | Dutch support for asylum process in Aruba, Curaçao

Staatssecretaris Raymond Knops | Foto BZK

THE HAGUE–The Dutch government will honour the requests of the governments of Curaçao and Aruba to provide technical assistance with the asylum procedure for Venezuelan refugees who have fled to the two Dutch Caribbean countries. Verder lezen

DH | Theo officially arrested in Larimar investigation

~Wife claims ‘stab in the back’~ | Foto StMaartenNews

PHILIPSBURG–The Anti-Corruption Task Force TBO arrested Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger at his home in Guana Bay before 8:00am Tuesday in connection with the “Larimar” investigation. Verder lezen

DH | Theo held in Larimar probe

Theo Heyliger SXM | Daily Herald

United Democrats leader and Member of Parliament Theodore Heyliger (48) was arrested by the Anti-corruption Taskforce (TBO) as part of the Larimar investigation this morning, February 19, 2019. Verder lezen

DH | Statia airport failed to request permit in time

The medical evacuation helicopter was forced to temporarily station overnight in Saba late January this year because Statia’s airport had failed to request an exemption to the aviation law in time. (Suzanne Koelega photos)

THE HAGUE–The medical evacuation helicopter that services St. Eustatius and Saba was hampered in its night-time emergency operations late January because Statia’s F.D. Roosevelt Airport did not request an exemption to the aviation law in time. Verder lezen

DH | De Weever says prison comments by progress committee outdated

~ Minister makes no mention of Police challenges ~

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever said on Sunday that he had taken note of media reporting regarding the status of the Pointe Blanche prison and was baffled by the statements that little to no progress is being made at the establishment. Verder lezen

DH | Unexpectedly high number of endemics on Windward Islands

The red-bellied racer snake (Alsophis rufiventris) is only found on Saba and St. Eustatius. It used to be found also on St. Maarten + St. Kitts & Nevis, but is now extinct

PHILIPSBURG–On Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten (the SSS islands) and the Saba Bank there are a minimum of 35 animal and plant species that exist nowhere else in the world, so-called endemic species. Additionally, 188 species only occur on those islands and the surrounding islands. There are only two endemics recorded in the mainland Netherlands, which means that the biodiversity of these islands is very rich. Verder lezen

DH | US admiral pays visit to Curaçao

USS Erie Memorial | Daily Herald

WILLEMSTAD–Consul General Margaret Hawthorne hosted the visit of Commander US Southern Command Admiral Craig Faller earlier this week, his first to the Dutch Caribbean since becoming commander on November 26, 2018. Verder lezen

DH | Joint Court installs judges in tax cases

From left: Vice President of the Court in Aruba Jaap Sap and President of the Joint Court of Justice Eunice Saleh with newly installed judges Jack Verhoeven, Selma Verheijen, Marion Soffers, Jane Jansen and Arno van Suilen.

ARUBA–Five new judges in the Joint Court of Justice were installed in Aruba on Friday, among them Judges Arno van Suilen and Jane Jansen who will both be handling tax cases in the Dutch Caribbean. Verder lezen

DH | Gilbert “Dibo” Doran jr. takes crown

Gilbert “Dibo” Doran Tumba 2019 | Daily Herald

Gilbert “Dibo” Doran was crowned Curaçao’s Tumba King with “Kòrsou ta den su gloria” early Saturday morning. Verder lezen

DH | Container with cocaine addressed to St. Maarten businessman seized in TT

“Trinidad and Tobago Guardian” photo showing confiscated drugs.

PHILIPSBURG–A container addressed to what was said to be an Indian businessman in St. Maarten was seized at Port of Point Lisas in Trinidad and Tobago (TT) last week with 24 pounds of cocaine. Verder lezen