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DH | Focus on islands’ interests in European election debate

Samira Rafaela (D66), Agnes Jongerius (PvdA), Eveline Herben (CDA), Dirk-Jan Koch (GroenLinks), Roy Ho Ten Soeng (50Plus) and Jan Schippers (ChristianUnion)

THE HAGUE–The Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom needs to consider its relationship with Europe, in anticipation of Great Britain’s potential departure from the European Union (EU), as this could affect the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) status of the Dutch Caribbean countries. Verder lezen

DH | Children’s Rights conference starts on St. Maarten today

Some 150 persons will participate in the conference, which takes place at the University of St. Martin (USM).

POND ISLAND/SABA–The Task Force Intercountry Children’s Rights will offer tools for this during the three-day “Our Children, Our Future Conference” on St. Maarten and Saba which starts today, Monday, with a reception. Verder lezen

DH | Continued investments in agriculture to provide healthy food, employment

Continued investments in agriculture to provide healthy food, employment

The public entity Saba continues to invest in agriculture, not only to provide a source of healthy food and to offer employment, but also to keep this sector as a part of local culture. In photo: The garden at The Level. Verder lezen

DH | New judges for St. Maarten

six new judges, three of whom are for St. Maarten.

THE HAGUE–Three new judges were appointed for St. Maarten on Friday, in addition to a new court vice-president in St. Maarten. Verder lezen

DH | Sandy Ground drawbridge to be replaced at 1.3M euro cost

Sandy Ground Bridge | Photo Robert Luckock

MARIGOT–The drawbridge part of the Sandy Ground Bridge is due to be replaced at an estimated cost of 1.3 million euros, with work expected to start in June and last for seven months, according to the Collectivité’s latest newsletter. Construction companies were solicited to bid on the project in March. Verder lezen

DH | Thirty and 10 years asked for ‘Mars’ investigation suspects

The Judge will give his decisions in all three cases on June 5 | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–“Mars” investigation suspects T.J.F. (29) and K.K.K.S. (33) were tried in Court on Wednesday, as the Prosecutor’s Office holds them responsible for involvement in the murder of two young men on December 5, 2016. Verder lezen

DH | MPs to wrap up debate on financial law today

The adopted law is the national ordinance containing rules in order to comply with recommendation 29 of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) concerning financial intelligence units. | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Parliament adopted one of the two draft laws related to financial transactions and the financial intelligence unit on Monday afternoon. The second law will be up for approval today, Tuesday, at 1:00pm in Parliament House. Verder lezen

DH | Theo recovering well, but more tests needed

Heyliger is under the watch of prison guards, and all visitors must present a valid form of identification before accessing his room.

CAY HILL–Suspended Member of Parliament (MP) Theo Heyliger is recovering well from surgery performed at St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on Monday. His doctor has determined that more tests are needed to ensure there is no longer any immediate danger due to his recurring gout. Verder lezen

DH | State Secretary Blokhuis to visit Statia, Bonaire

Dutch State Secretary of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports Paul Blokhuis (left) arrives in St. Eustatius in June 2018. At right: Acting Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers. (File photo)

THE HAGUE–Dutch State Secretary of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sports Paul Blokhuis will be in St. Eustatius and Bonaire next week to visit several health care and sports organisations. He will also attend a public health meeting in Bonaire with ministers of Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. Verder lezen

DH | Regional forum on regulation and anti-money laundering

The Caribbean Financial Action Taskforce (CFATF) MER titled, “Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism – Curaçao”, dated 2012-06-25, provides an indication of the opaque nature of online gambling regulation in Curaçao.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is a global organisation established to ensure that financial systems have adequate Anti-Money Laundering, and to Counter the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT). Verder lezen

DH | Nu Star agrees to sell Statia oil terminal for $250 million

The crude oil storage terminal in St. Eustatius.

EUSTATIUS–NuStar Energy LP has agreed to sell the crude oil storage terminal in St. Eustatius for US $250 million to investment firm Prostar Capital, the companies said Friday. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the second quarter of 2019. Verder lezen

DH | Knops: Caribbean Netherlands unlikely to become countries

Raymond Knops (BZK): Caribbean Netherlands islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba will at any point become autonomous countries like Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten.

THE HAGUE–Dutch State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops considers it highly unlikely that the Caribbean Netherlands islands Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba will at any point become autonomous countries like Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten. Verder lezen

DH | Meyers warns: If anything happens to Heyliger, ‘heaven help the Dutch’

Formateur Franklyn Meyers van Sint Maarten | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–“If anything happens to Theo Heyliger, heaven help the Dutch,” declared United Democrats Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers in a public sitting of Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Verder lezen

DH | Passenger opens emergency door

Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said the suspect accidentally opened the emergency exit door while changing seats

AIRPORT–A passenger had to be removed from a Winair flight after he “accidentally” opened the aircraft’s emergency door on Sunday, May 5. Verder lezen

DH | Catching sharks to become prohibited

Haaien vangen op Saba en Eustatius en Bonaire wordt verboden

THE HAGUE–The Dutch government is preparing an international shark strategy to protect sharks and stingrays, whereby it will become punishable by law to catch sharks and to have shark parts in one’s possession in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Verder lezen

DH | Reconstruction, Venezuela main topics of Kingdom Consultation

From left: Aruba Prime Minister Evelyna Wever-Croes, the Netherlands Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok, St. Maarten Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin and Curaçao Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath during Monday’s press conference after the annual Kingdom Consultation on Foreign Relations.

PHILIPSBURG–The political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela and the reconstruction of hurricane-stricken St. Maarten were the main topics discussed during the annual Kingdom Consultation on Foreign Relations held in St. Maarten on Monday. Verder lezen

DH | Cell phones found in prison medical ward

Pointe Blanche gevangenis | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Police and prison guards conducted several searches at the Pointe Blanche prison on Friday, April 19. Two cell phones were found in the medical ward where suspended Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger is being held. Verder lezen

DH | Government dismisses 2 Harbour board members, new president in place

Attorney Shaira Bommel was appointed as President of the board

PHILIPSBURG–Government, in a shareholders meeting last week Thursday, “finalized the dismissal” of two members of the Supervisory Board of Directors of the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies, and a new board President has been appointed. Verder lezen

DH | Paternotte questions high air fares to Saba

Juancho Yrausquin Airport is of vital importance to the island, Paternotte pointed out

THE HAGUE–“Why are the air travel prices between St. Maarten and Saba so exorbitantly high?” asked Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Jan Paternotte of the Democratic Party D66 to Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, on Thursday. Verder lezen

DH | Hefty fines for brothel management in ‘Pompeii’ case, assistant acquitted

Owner of El Capitan and Le Petit Chateau brothels Etienne “Tochi” Meyers was sentenced to NAf. 1 million fine and 3 years suspended on 2 years’ probation  | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–The Court of First Instance imposed hefty fines on the owner, manager and supervisor of El Capitan and Le Petit Chateau brothels on Wednesday, in the so-called “Pompeii” investigation involving charges of human trafficking, exploitation of brothel workers, deprivation of liberty and illegal employment. Verder lezen

DH | St. Maarten to pay part of Dutch Police cost

The cooperation between the National Police and the St. Maarten Police Force KPSM has a “great added value” in the opinion of all involved parties, said Knops.

THE HAGUE–The St. Maarten government per July 1, 2019, will be carrying a part of the cost of deploying the Dutch National Police on the island. Verder lezen

DH | ‘We have to embrace integrity, rule of law’

St. Maarten Parliament Chairperson Sarah Wescot-Williams, St. Maarten Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite with Kingdom Council of State member Maria van der Sluijs-Plantz of St. Maarten at the VAN lecture. Council of State member Paul Comenencia of Curaçao and  honorary VAN member and Ocan Foundation Chairman John Leerdam | Suzanne Koelega

THE HAGUE–Members of the Kingdom Council of State Maria van der Sluijs-Plantz of St. Maarten and Mildred Schwengle of Aruba on Thursday called on the Dutch Caribbean countries to embrace integrity, good governance and the rule of law. “Our people deserve better,” they said. Verder lezen

DH | Masses of Sargassum seaweed making landfall in St. Maarten

Sargassum seaweed washing ashore at Pointe Blanche Bay.

COLE BAY–There is a large influx of Sargassum seaweed currently making landfall on St. Maarten. St. Maarten Nature Foundation is warning the community that the Sargassum impacts, based on satellite imagery and field surveys, started earlier this week and will continue to persist for at least another week. Verder lezen

DH | Parliaments lobbying in The Hague as one front

Chairman of the Senate’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom Relations Ruard Ganzevoort (front, right) meeting with Sarah Wescot-Williams (front, left) and Claudius “Chacho” Peterson (back, second left) of St. Maarten and some of their colleagues from Curaçao and Aruba | Hans Kouwenhoven

THE HAGUE–The Parliaments of Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten have formed one front in their talks with Dutch politicians in The Hague this week regarding the controversial Kingdom Law proposal to establish a Dispute Regulation for the Kingdom. Verder lezen

DH | Knops: Intervention to mitigate issue of Venezuelan migrants not effective

The Permanent Committees for Kingdom Relations and for Immigration and Asylum of the First Chamber of the Dutch Parliament met with Raymond Knops on Tuesday to discuss the issue of Venezuelan migrants in Aruba and Curaçao | Hans Kouwenhoven

THE HAGUE–The migration of Venezuelans to Curaçao and Aruba is an “exceptionally complex matter” in which the Dutch government will provide assistance when this is requested by the countries. However, intervention by the Kingdom is not effective. Verder lezen

DH | Dekker again confirms: no inmates are returned

Bezoek minister Sander Dekker aan Point Blanche gevangenis | Daily Herald

THE HAGUE–The Dutch government is holding on to its intention to have the inmates from St. Maarten who are locked up at prisons in the Netherlands return to the island as soon as possible. Verder lezen

DH | ‘Kingdom under supervision for human rights violations’

Francesco Corallo’s and Theo Heyliger lawyer mr. Sulvaran building his clients’s cases

PHILIPSBURG–The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has decided not to follow the regular standard procedure, but the much severe so-called “enhanced” execution procedure following the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of St. Maarten businessman Francesco Corallo against the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Verder lezen

DH | US report lists islands as money-laundering centres

The latest US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) includes the Netherlands, St. Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba as “Major Money-Laundering Jurisdictions” for the year 2018

WASHINGTON–The latest US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), volume two dedicated to money-laundering, includes St. Maarten, Curaçao and Aruba on a list of Caribbean and Central American countries as “Major Money-Laundering Jurisdictions” for the year 2018. Verder lezen

DH | Özütok asks about omitted prison letter

GroenLinks-Kamerlid Nevin Özütok

THE HAGUE–Member of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Nevin Özütok of the green left party GroenLinks wants to know why a copy of the St. Maarten Progress Committee’s February 22, 2019, letter was not forwarded to the Second Chamber. Verder lezen

DH | Sincere dialogue needed to solve prison situation

Pointe Blanche gevangenis | Daily Herald

THE HAGUE–The governments of St. Maarten and the Netherlands should make a profound effort, through dialogue, to arrive at a joint structural solution for the Pointe Blanche prison, according to the St. Maarten Progress Committee. Verder lezen