CC | Curaçao in top 10 places to please the range of LGBT travelers

Curaçao in top ten places to please the range of LGBT travelers

SAN FRANCISCO – According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, there are as many ways to travel as there are travelers, so to suppose that all LGBT people want to lie on a beach in Cancun are just as preposterous as supposing they all want to go trekking in Nepal.

We tend to look at types of travel as being in a range between “leisure” and “discovery” (it’s much less snooty than “traveler versus tourist”).

So recognizing that range of ways to go, the San Francisco Chronicle has picked ten destinations for LGBT travelers based on casual recommendations (not necessarily supported by stats) from a few industry insiders.

Stockholm, Las Vegas, Toronto, Curaçao, Gran Canaria, Iceland, Cambodia, South Africa, Colombia, and Cuba.

The article says about Curaçao that “it’s hard to tell if it’s the Dutch influence, but the island is notable for its place at the front line of LGBT acceptance in the Caribbean. The laid-back vibe and diverse culture are big draws for visitors and, while Curacao doesn’t have a bounty of marquee attractions, there are plenty of quiet beaches and indulgent resorts, if serious leisure is your goal.”

Once more Curaçao makes it in the top destinations for tourists to visit. This island is on the rise.

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5 Reacties op “CC | Curaçao in top 10 places to please the range of LGBT travelers

  1. De meeste mensen zijn niet zo streng gelovig als jij.
    laat die dan lekker leven zoals ze zelf willen.
    dan laten ze jouw ook leven zoals je zelf wilt.
    jouw geloof met zijn gestoorde ideeën, kan je niet opdringen aan de rest van de mensheid

  2. This Island is on the rise? In welk opzicht? Gelukkig is er een EU vonnis waarin een land niet verplicht is in te gaan op het gelijk stellen van een huwelijk van gelijke seks.

  3. De ydk man houdt erg veel van de herenliefde

  4. Wat heeft Rosaria hiermee te maken of heb ik een discussie gemist.

  5. Vraag het aan Delvira Rosalia Statie!

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