CC | Curaçao oil refinery technical audit report

2017 05 15 Final Report Rdk Technical Audit by Black Lion on Scribd

WILLEMSTAD – Management of the Multidisciplinary Project Team (MDPT) and Refineria di Korsu (RdK) have approached E&D Technologies LLC (E&D) with a request to carry out a technical audit of the a portion of the refinery to assist them with future business decision about the refinery.

The objective of the audit has been to provide Refineria di Korsou N.V. (RdK), the owner of the Curacao’s Isla Refinery, with a general overview of the plant stationary equipment condition by conducting technical audit of the refinery.

Click on the link below to download the Technical Audit Report.

FINAL REPORT – RDK Technical Audit

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