CC | De Lima acquitted of any involvement in falsifying LOIs

Ctex CEO De Lima acquitted of any involvement in falsifying LOIs

Ctex CEO De Lima acquitted of any involvement in falsifying LOIs

WILLEMSTAD – The Court in Curacao entered a judgement in a summary proceeding initiated by Mr. Anthony de Lima, one of CTEX’s co-founders against the company’s General Board.

The purpose of the summary proceeding was twofold: obtain a judgement against CTEX/General Board to withdraw its decision to terminate the agreement between the company and its founder on the grounds brought forward as these grounds are not based on the truth. Secondly, to clear Mr. de Lima’s name as it related to previous allegations of falsifying letters of intent (LOI) obtained by the company during its inception.

On the matter related to Mr. de Lima’s involvement with falsifying LOIs, the court found that it has been established that, “factually, Mr. de Lima had nothing to do with the falsification of such LOIs.” This does not take away Mr. de Lima’s overall responsibility for the company and its financials. Ms. Linda Douglas, de Lima’s legal counsel was satisfied that the courts cleared her clients involvement in any wrongdoing related to LOIs.

The petition to withdraw the General Board’s decision to end the relationship with Mr. de Lima was denied. The court noted however, that it did not consider the grounds of dismissal, nor Mr. De Lima’s defense against such grounds, because the summary proceedings do not lend themselves for a further examination of the facts. Ms. Douglas noted that she would be evaluating over the next few days whether or not to initiate a regular court proceeding.

CTEX, a start-up datacenter company based in Curacao, for the past 2 years has been in the news as the company repeatedly tried to raise capital and attract partners to fund its operations. CTEX officially opened its doors in March 2014 as the first Tier-IV datacenter to be certified for both design and constructed facility by the Uptime Institute in Latin America and the Caribbean. Curacao’s government-owned telecommunications company UTS, owns more than 50% of the company’s shares.

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2 Reacties op “CC | De Lima acquitted of any involvement in falsifying LOIs

  1. caribbeancynic

    Een LOI betekent dat je van plan bent om klant te worden. Dus wat je dan doet als directeur van CTEX is er gelijk achter aan gaan om een definitief contract af te sluiten. Het kan dus niet anders dan De Lima heeft onmiddellijk nadat de LOI’s er waren geweten dat de LOI’s nep waren. Bovendien: welk bedrijf stuurt een LOI naar een tussenpersoon?

  2. This sounds like an advertorial paid by Mr. de Lima.

    Truth is that this ‘true Yu di Korsow’ as Mr. Garcia from Girobank phrased is was the one responsible for bringing a company to bankruptcy leaving his lenders with uncollectible loans and his employees without jobs.

    And that because of falsifying letters of intent.

    Mr. Anthony de Lima, a true Yu di Korsow indeed.

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