CC | Environmental groups put heads together for new protest

Eerdere demonstratie voor schone lucht Raffinaderij Isla PDVSA | Foto Persbureau Curacao

Eerdere demonstratie voor schone lucht van raffinaderij PDVSA |  Persbureau Curacao

WILLEMSTAD – All environmental groups have put their heads together for new protests, according to the organizations in a press release. Their combined efforts lead to the organization of a large protest, which will be held on May 28 from 4 to 6 pm at the Wilhelmina Square.

This protest is especially against pollution on the island caused by the oil refinery.

According to the organizations there will be free snacks, water, speakers and also protest signs. They do ask participants to bring their own protests signs too.

“We invite everyone to come. It is important that we show to the government of Curaçao that our health does matter and that they need to assume their responsibility and protect us,” said the groups in their press release.

Protesters will have the opportunity to sign a petition which calls the government to tackle the pollution problem.

“Show through protest signs that pollution has to stop NOW and that residents no longer have to work and live in this unhealthy situation!”

Bron: CuracaoChronicle

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