CC | Plasterk: “Curaçao must tackle illegal gambling industry itself”

Plasterk: “Curaçao must tackle illegal gambling industry itself”

Plasterk: “Curaçao must tackle illegal gambling industry itself”

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk answered questions posed by the Dutch MP for the Socialist Party (SP) Ronald van Raak on the close ties between the government in Curacao and the (illegal) gambling industry. Through a letter he indicates that Curaçao has to investigate this issue itself.

Plasterk did not go into the questions about the turnover in the gambling industry and that this would be higher than the entire tourism sector. He did not answer questions about the “malfunctioning” of the Gaming Control Board and the Fundashon Wega di Number Korsou (FWNK), which regulates the lottery, and the criticism on the gambling industry Helmin Wiels voiced before his death.

“Supervision of casinos and lotteries is an autonomous matter of Curaçao. This also applies to law enforcement in general. It is therefore up to the prosecution of Curaçao to investigate the possible suspicions of money laundering,” says Plasterk.

The Minister made it clear in his letter that there was an investigation launched in 2014 to tackle financial and economic crime. “The Duradero project aims to achieve a sustainable expansion and strengthening enforcement capacity in Curaçao for the purpose of addressing economic and financial crime.”

The countries of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom will also come up with a plan to strengthen law enforcement.

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Dossier: Gokken – casino’s & loterijen (FWNK, GCB & illegale loterijen)

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  1. Redactie Curacao

    Dear Pito,

    Thank you for your constructive critism, that is always welcome. We are sorry you feel this way. We will elaborate:

    About censorship. The blogs are conducted independently of the daily news, as they are published by other members. We did place “Curacao is doing well” see: 2015 03 27 – Amigoe | Plasterk: Curaçao doet het goed at If the content is the same, we make a selection. We do not censorize. In fact, we place a lot of positive news and even when there are negative articles and/or reactions about the KKC, we place them. We do not have a second agenda, no advertisers to serve, and a more liberal policy on freedom of speech than any other blog on Curacao, we think. So any form of censorship, in our minds, is really not conducted.

    About the links. The blogteam does not mean to whine about the cyberattacks, the anouncement is there to inform. The redactie initially received quite some complaints about not functioning links. That is why the KKC feels the need to explain why so many (dossier and blog) links do not function, untill they are repaired, which takes indeed (a lot of) time. And effort.

    About the blogs. We offer different kinds of blogs ( If interested, one may choose to follow their own. When the Tweede Kamer take our KKC-blogs serious – as does our government and even the gokmaffia – we consider that, as Amigoe and Antilliaans Dagblad do too (which are also quoted), we consider that a signal that our crime-blogs are taken seriously. And we think they should be used to inform about current situations and past perspectives. The blogs we publish need to be informative. One may like or not like their style, but the KKC does not offer a blogplatform to serve promotional blogpurposes.

    We do however, appriciate your remarks, and hope our sincere answer clears some of your thoughts,

    Kind regards,
    The KKC redactie

  2. KKC sometimes disappoints me. It’s a decent source of news, but they have sometimes no shame in displaying their agenda here. Despite their claims, they don’t always care in being objective or publishing anything positive about this island or it’s government. As far as they know/publish, the government is filled with drug dealing, money laundering rats and the majority of the population is to stupid to realize it. They seem to spend their evenings daydreaming for the day the almighty real Dutch come to save the islands from this corrupt government. Which has by the way worked amazingly on BES, those people seem to love the inexistence of dental insurance, 40% higher prices for food that in European Netherlands with 54% the minimum wage.

    There are problems on the island but the worst way to tackle it is to cloud our judgement with paranoid rants, as at some point you WILL hurt someone innocent or who’s actually helping in solving the problems our island is phasing. It becomes specially dangerous if a minister quotes you in official meetings as their source (Ronald van Raak).

    The reason I post here is because this is just the first of two responses mr. Plasterk has given to mr. van Raak last March. KKC has conveniently not published the second one regarding the Curacaoan government corruption titled by Curacao Chronicle as “Plasterk: “Curaçao Is Doing Well””. This may be regarded as censorship done by KKC. Of course they are not required to publish it, but lately I see this happening more and more here.

    To KKC, please don’t take this comment in the wrong way, use it as constructive criticism, which was the reason you started this website in the fist place, I admired you when you started, but now I just can’t take you seriously anymore. You have clearly shifted to a side and is starting to look more and more as a paranoid government conspiracy blog than an objective source of republished news and opinions. (seriously, how long have you been whining about net attacks on your website?)

  3. stanley Held

    Eindelijk is er iemand die durft te spreken. Vriend helemaal eens. Heb niets meer aan toe te voegen.

  4. Renée van Aller

    Een reactie volgens goed Nederlands godvrezend en liberaal recept. Laat uw linkerhand niet weten wat u rechter doet. Deugdelijk bestuur? In de praktijk door ons, kom nou. In theorie doen we dat. In de praktijk stellen we dat eindeloos uit. Net zoals minister Kamp. De veiligheid van de Groningse burgers negeren we en als het niet anders kan betuigen we spijt. Maar de aantrekkingskracht van het grote geld is te meeslepend. We zijn ook maar eenvoudige politici, makkelijk te verleiden en in verwarring te brengen. Maar dat kun je ons niet kwalijk nemen. We bedoelen het goed. Wat goed is? Dat weten we niet, dat is politiek ingekleurd. En zo wassen we onze handen altijd in onschuld, net zo als Pontius Pilatus. Ons grote voorbeeld, zeker sinds we Boelgakov, de meester en Margaritha weer hebben gelezen.

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