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UTS-NUTSAs explained this week by email and through various media, due to the unprecedented amount of spam, which is being sent and received by OneNet mail users, we were (unintentionally) placed on the blacklist of certain spam authorities, causing the OneNet mail users being confronted with mail rejections when sending mail from their OneNet mail accounts. We are doing our utmost to solve this problem urgently and with the necessary priority.

As of last night, we have taken additional security measures to avoid outgoing spam traffic to increase. It also enables us to halt spam traffic generated by our users. These measures have resulted in the further disablement of anonymous use of our outgoing mail server (SMTP) in parallel with the introduction of mandatory SMTP authentication by its users. Most of the users have already setup their mail clients to make use of SMTP authentication by default using the same login credentials for using the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) as used for accessing the Incoming Mail server (POP/IMAP). In case you have discovered that mail cannot be send out, you may need to check your mail client settings to support SMTP authentication with password verification but NOT using SSL.

  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Outgoing mail server requires authentication: YES
  • Login similar as incoming mail server, using same login: [email protected] and password
  • Verification method: Password
  • Server requires secure authentication : NO (*)
  • SSL : NO (*)

(*) We will introduce SMTP authentication with secure SSL login in a later phase. This will allow you to use the OneNet mail service for receiving and sending mail anytime anywhere, even if you are connected outside the OneNet network from UTS.

The correct settings for SMTP authentication for OneNet Mail are very simple, which you can check and/or modify if necessary. Due to the number of mail clients software/devices our customers are using:

  • Windows : Outlook Express, Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010/2013, Incredimail, Thunderbird, WindowsLive
  • Apple : Mail, Entourage, Outlook 2008/2010
  • Smartphones /Tablets ; iOS/Android/BlackBerry

We will publish the most commonly used mail clients and provide a brief explanatory on the UTS website, Internet section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). Of course you can also contact our OneNet Helpdesk at 9242 for support.


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