DH | Curaçao Coastal protest turns ugly

Crowd removing one of the gates | Daily Herald

WILLEMSTAD–A demonstration against restricting public access to Curaçao’s shoreline organised by self-proclaimed “watchdog” and Facebook journalist Julius Koko at Baoase Luxury Resort ended with some protestors invading the bar, restaurant and several rooms.

Two gates of the hotel in Pietermaai blocking the alley to the coast were removed by the crowd without police intervening. An electric circular metal saw was used to cut through the hinges.A group of demonstrators then walked onto the private property towards the breakwater, where they examined a chain used to close off the small inlet located there from the sea. Police then asked them to leave, which they did about half an hour later.However, apparently a few activists had gone inside the complex and yelled at both personnel and visitors. Video recordings of their actions were passed on to law enforcement authorities.

A spokesperson for the resort said they had yelled in Papiamentu “that this was their country and others had to leave.” Luckily the American guests did not understand, but several employees were reportedly traumatised.

Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath later disapproved of what happened and ordered the gates to be put back. He gave the resort his guarantee there would be no further disorder and arranged extra security with the Volunteer Corps VKC.

Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association CHATA condemned the destruction of property and trespassing. It called for clarity from government regarding the implications of beachside development.

Bron; Daily Herals

Naschrift KKC

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  1. De Rechtsstaat

    I thijnk the Daily Herald should concern themselves more about the daily progress in the rebuilding of Saint Maarten in place of worrying themselves about the destruction of an island you don’t give a damn for.

    FYI, everybody can notice you just translated a goverments take on the happenings.

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