DH | Justice Ministers wrap up four-country consultation

Vlnr: Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus with Justice Ministers Cornelius de Weever (SXM), Andin Bikker (Aruba) and Quincy Girigorie (Curaçao).

MAHO–Justice Ministers of the four countries in the Dutch Kingdom concluded their Judicial Four-Party Consultation (“Justitieel Vierpartijenoverleg” JVO) session at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort’s Rainbow Room on Wednesday.

The JVO takes place two times per year, every time in a different country of the Kingdom.

Minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus of the Netherlands and Justice Ministers Cornelius de Weever of St. Maarten, Quincy Girigorie of Curaçao and Andin Bikker of Aruba signed a letter of intent and a decision list outlining continued cooperation with the countries’ law enforcement.

Grapperhaus has allocated 4.4 million euros for, among other things, better police training for police personnel for St. Maarten’s Police Force KPSM, the Caribbean Netherlands KPCN, Aruba KPA and Curaçao KPC, and the Coast Guard. The regional strength of the police forces within the Kingdom has improved considerably in recent years by improving the quality and better guaranteeing knowledge and expertise in the countries.

The first steps were taken three years ago and much progress has been made in a relatively short period of time. This development continues with this additional money. This is a co-financing commitment whereby the countries themselves foot the bill for the cost of travel and accommodation. The courses offered are the same as in the Netherlands, but are translated to the local context where necessary.

“It is good that the ambition to improve cooperation that has been deployed is being continued. My two police chiefs – those from the Caribbean Netherlands and those from the Dutch police – and I support this process with advice and action. It is important for this area and for the kingdom that we work together on a better police force. None of us can fight alone against the criminals who threaten our citizens and society, “said Grapperhaus.

Also agreed on by the ministers were the strengthening of the detective cooperation; the joint approach towards subversive crime; the strengthening of law enforcement, also in cooperation with the United States; strengthening of border control on the islands; and the immigration and refugee policy.

All ministers said during a short press conference on Wednesday that they were pleased with the meeting and that the bond between them as ministers who started in 2018 is growing stronger with each meeting.

Bron: Daily herald

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