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WILLEMSTAD–The casino Plaza Hotel in Curaçao is closed since last Saturday. It was being operated without a valid permit for quite some time already. The Gaming Control Board (GCB) charged with the supervision had asked the Prosecutor’s Offi ce to take action.

GCB itself is not authorised to close the casino. Other than the prosecution, also police departments like the Bureau Financial Inquiries were involved in the raid, during which money was also confi scated. GCB director Raynold Nivilac says that the management of the casino, Rudy Pizziolo and Co., had indeed submitted a petition for a permanent permit, but it constantly didn’t meet the requirements.

As part of the secrecy code, Nivilac is not allowed to say what is lacking. Without any doubt, however, it must have to do with the inspection of the annual accounts. The casinos are running on provisional permits since the end of 2007.

GCB announced in April of this year that only two of the eleven casinos met the requirements and had permits for three years. The permit on one casino had almost run out. Eight casinos had a provisional permit. They got time to comply with the legal requirements during the “transitional phase.

” This provisional permit could be extended only once. “But we can’t continue like this. We must put an end to it,” says Nivilac. The casinos received several warnings. The casino of the Plaza Hotel is not the only one that doesn’t follow the rules. The managements of other casinos that are still running on a provisional permit do know now what can happen.

The Pizziolo-group that sold the Holiday Beach Hotel earlier this year manages eight casinos on the island. Soon two more local casinos will be added, the one of the Renaissance Hotel and that of the Howard Johnson-hotel.

The stricter rule has to do with the control on moneyflow as part of the control on money laundering and the financing of terrorism. A MICS (Minimal Internal Control Standards) has been set up, which is connected with the new casino permit as stipulation.

Bron: Daily Herald

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