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PHILIPSBURG–The United People’s (UP) party will not have a representative at the upcoming Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation set for the Netherlands in mid-June.

This announcement came on Wednesday from UP fraction leader Member of Parliament Franklin Meyers.

Meyers, speaking in a Central Committee meeting of Parliament, said UP will not be part of the delegation, because the decisions made in the meeting of the four Parliaments of the Kingdom were not binding.

Referring to the IPKO session while handling the agenda point about independence, a discussion held prior to agenda point: the formalizing of the delegation, Meyers said, “We had discussions the last time and afterwards we were told [by the Dutch delegation – Ed.] that the decisions weren’t binding.”

The delegation from Parliament will comprise MPs Rodolphe Samuel (National Alliance), Frans Richardson (United St. Maarten Party), Perry Geerlings (Democratic Party) and Sarah Wescot-Williams (Parliament Chairwoman/DP), Parliament General Secretary Nancy Guishard-Joubert and Parliament Advisor Attorney Ralph Richardson.

Also in Wednesday’s sitting, the delegation to attend the general assembly and committee meetings of the Latin American Parliament Parlatino were decided on. Heading in early June to Panama will be MPs Ardwell Orion, Rodolphe Samuel, Claret Connor, Sidharth Bijlani, George Pantophlet, Wescot-Williams and Deputy Parliament General Secretary Ann Groen-Gumbs.

Bron: Daily Herald

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  1. Lionfish

    Zou een maffiapartij bij het ipko ook maar iets kunnen toevoegen? Ik denk dat ze de andere partijen een grote dienst verlenen door thuis te blijven.

  2. Cutting yourself out of communication is not a sensible solution. If you do not agree with items , go tell them yourself, instead of mocking at home in your local newspaper.
    Or else , organise a referendum about total independence. UN will help you with this effort.

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