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Vandaag laten we Moe aan het woord

I would like to share my bad experience at C Post with the community of Curaçao.

About 2 months ago I bought an interior panel for my car from Canada and asked my cousin to do me the favor and send it to Curaçao directly as I found no shipping facilities to the island by the seller.

So my cousin received the part in London on and had to send it by express shipping as it’s the only method to Curaçao which more expensive. The part arrived in Curaçao while I was abroad, so C-post returned the part to my cousin stating no one picked it up. I was upset to hear that but I thought it was my fault and didn’t stop on. I asked my cousin to send it again and he did it and of course repaid the express charge again.

After 3 weeks still didn’t get any arrived note mail, I decided to call C-post and the replied; “ohh we just returned the part to Canada.” I got upset and I asked her to help me returned it back. She said I have to talk to the supervisor. I went to the supervisor and claimed that I didn’t get any notification mail from C-post. “How do you decide to return it so quickly.” She promised to inform Canada post to send it back on their responsibility and I calmed down. A few days later my cousin called and said that they returned the part to his office again. I couldn’t understand that so I went to supervisor again. She didn’t have an answer and said; “We cannot do anything else as he received the part.

I had to contact the director of C-post and talked to her and she didn’t let me even tell her what happened. She got my name and said that she will ask her colleagues what happened and she will call me back later…that was about a month ago…didn’t get any response yet.

By Moe

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  1. Joep Meloen


    The black hole of Curacao !
    It swallows mail and packages and they are never seen again.
    It is 2016 and we have to deal with a postal system in which roughly 70 % of all mail either does not arrive or months later.

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