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Vandaag laten we Bezorgde burger aan het woord.

I work in downtown Punda right next to the ugliest building in town. I don’t mean the design. That is not so bad. Not my taste but it has its beauty. What I mean is the state it is in. The building I am talking about is the former Cinelandia, which is right at the entrance of the most important part of our historic Willemstad, Punda.

Every day I ask myself, why can’t they just tear it down and build something new. Or just restore it. Who owns the building? It’s right between the Pietermaai Mall and a new mall Cinelandia that is being constructed. I suspect that this new construction will be beautiful once it’s finished.

But the Cinelandia, it’s still right there. Soon, there will be a brand-new hotel right across the street from the Pietermaai Mall. But Cinelandia, it’s still right there. Don’t you get it? Whatever you do, that ugly monster of a building is still going to be there. No one is asking about it.

Cinelandia is located on the road to parliament, the governor’s mansion and the office of the prime minister. I mean, none of them see it? I’m seriously starting to think that the owner of that property must be someone powerful. No one dares to say anything to him or her.

Cinelandia achterkant | Foto bezorgde burger

Cinelandia achterkant | Foto bezorgde burger

All I can say is that no matter what you do to Punda, it will always be ugly because Cinelandia is still there!

Concerned citizen,

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