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Vandaag laten we Alex Rosaria aan het woord.

Discrimination is not a matter of black vs white: we’re all accomplices. Like many, I’m still taking in the images of the tragic death of George Floyd, an unarmed black US man, in the custody of the police who knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes.

As a man of color I’m enraged. But this is bigger than the color of my skin. It’s about the right to be treated equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, belief, gender, language, sexual orientation or other status. Yet all too often we hear heartbreaking stories of people who suffer cruelty simply for belonging to a ‘different’ group, and we do nothing about it.

Last year Christian religious leaders came together in Willemstad to denigrate LGBTQ people because they want the same rights as heterosexual couples. We pretty much stayed quiet and continued going to their houses of worship. In silence we daily witness fellow citizens discriminate against people (especially women) from the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela. We get enraged when another race discriminates us, yet discrimination among people of color based on the shade of blackness – the light-skin preference – is common practice in our community.

Racism and discrimination against people belonging to a ‘different’ group is not a uniquely US phenomenon. Discrimination against homosexuals is ingrained in Russia and no matter how much Europe tries to hide it, the way it treats the Roma people (gypsies) is inhuman. Neither is it a matter of black and white or white and nonwhite.

Just consider the Rohingya (Myanmar), the Tutsis (Rwanda), the black albino’s (Sub-Saharan Africa), the Burakumin (Japan), Uyghurs (China) or the Hmong (Laos). What to do? Certainly not keeping quiet or just airing our disgust on Facebook. We need to realize that we are not innocent bystanders.

We should call out racism and discrimination not only when our group is the victim but whenever someone is not given equal treatment or opportunity based on race, ethnicity, nationality, class, religion, belief, gender, language, sexual orientation or other status. If we don’t stop this evil we are guilty, we are accomplices.

Alex Rosaria,
Willemstad, Curaçao

3 Reacties op “Ingezonden | Discrimination: we’re all accomplices

  1. Tico Martina

    Hahaha Alex Rosaria, you do realize that that “poor unarmed man” had a criminal past? That he was under the influence of drugs and had a history of heart problems? Who are you to tell me I am an accomplice of racism? As a man of color you did not give a damn about the other people of color when, together with Zus, you took away their job by closing down factories, etc. As a man of color, you did not give a damn about your fellow color female when you cheated on her and beat her up like a runaway slave. Furthermore Alex as a man of color there is nowhere to be found that you were outraged about all the black on black crime committed. Did you manage to take in the news about that black little girl who was doing her homework, and got shot by a black gangbanger? Just because that black gangbanger wanted easy money instead of a decent job and afterwards blame “the system”? How about the discrimination against the Chinese, Haitian, and Portuguese communities?

  2. Knoek-koe

    De politici op dit eiland moeten hun grote “entitled” mond dicht houden over racisme.

    Ik heb geen enkele politicus openlijk, luid en duidelijk iets over schuld “mea culpa” sorry over racisme horen zeggen in de staten, toen wiels een bepaald “soort” mens in zakken terug wilde sturen.

    Ook Alex Rosaria niet.

  3. Alexandra Rosaria, het laffe wijf van PAIS.

    Liet zich van alle kanten naaien om het foute Pueblo Soberano maar te pleasen. Liet Fraudelyne Wiels daarom ongestoord haar gang gaan.

    En dan komt Alexandra op dit forum de moraalridder uithangen?

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