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Vandaag laten we Rosalind Avril Gumbs aan het woord.

I stop begging the Government for help for me to get a place to live. I pray for the Government to look at things in a different direction.

When Jesus came in this world to save sinners and died on the cross they move from it that we can get an idea of how hard it was for him. But no, we have a movie or a concert in Government who is going to get a home, a roof, a permit, food vouchers and onderstand and what more.

I am a senior citizen. I gave 45 years to government and can’t get not even a bottle of water from them. It is a shame.

But God is on my side. It have 4 persons in Government does say and do the right thing. Stop the up and down. I will put their names the next time I write and their own is on their case all the time.

Could you put a cook to mix cement? Please stop the up and down with the people. I can take it, but the people can’t take it. Stop before it is too late.

Look since the passing of Irma how many people have died. Thank God it is not the people gone crazy. When a person has a mortgage on their home and no job, the bank takes their home. What next? The Government is not going to put them in a house.

When you ask them it’s going to be don’t go VROMI because you will here I don’t have nothing to do with housing, try to go to Social. You never get any answer, like what they do with the aid vouchers for food. No phone calls, nothing. You know what it is to stand all day in a line, Lord help us.
All they have the power but when they sleep at night, I wonder what they dream. The people of St. Maarten are good people. Thank God they don’t eat pepper or the Government would be in big trouble.

Lord, please stop the flag fighting and color fighting and think about our people homeless. Go to Middle Region and Dutch Quarter see how the people are hurting. They can’t build back by the rules. You need a permanent long lease land. Lord, You hear their name – landlords. You can’t put blocks, you can’t put this and you can’t put that, but they used to collect your money every month, but you are outside.
Where to go? Big red number on your place, that what VROMI run and do, or if you try to build back you have to find a lawyer, some dent in your pocket again, what next?

This is facts, because a lot of people speak to me. I say I can’t help, but I can ask Government to look into the matter, but I know the same thing they going to say:”Get a Lawyer.”

All I can ask the people is give your life to God and He will see you through and please keep holding on to His hands like I am doing. I won’t let go like Jacob did.

And don’t forget people of Arch Road and Sucker Garden and Middle Region. We are still having our Christmas party for the elderly and the children on the 22nd of December, 2017, at Melford Hazel Sport Auditorium starting 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Please come and enjoy the Giving feeling in God’s Spirit and Truth and I, Avril, am asking all Government to come out and enjoy the children and elderly of Sucker Garden and Middle Region.

Rosalind Avril Gumbs,
Sint Maarten

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