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Vandaag laten we Jon Sheeser aan het woord

AFTER MANY, many years of not going near the hospital, I had occasion recently to go to Sehos twice in ten days for some tests in the functie-afdeling.

Indeed the building itself is falling apart, but certainly not the staff. From the security guards in the parking lot to the registration- and administration-staff all the way up to cardiologist dr. Engels and his staff, everyone I dealt with could not have been more welcoming, friendly and helpful. My overall experience was a very pleasant one.

So congratulations to the staff for keeping up their enthusiam and level of caregivng during difficult times!



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  1. I totally agree with Mr.Sheeser. I had to be treated twice in a short period of time, on two different departments. In both situations I was treated with care, compassion and a great deal of concern for ones health. The building looks indeed as from ‘war time’, but inside it’s filled with warm and caring staff.
    As for ‘ya.right’; you don’t need to be on meds to realize you are being treated well, that’s just how some of us deal with each other. But in this cynical world, a word of positivsm is hardly ever said.

  2. What meds were you on/did they give you…?

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