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 DEMAND FOR Layne Rashowicz to produce documents to Amigoe’s office that constitute his proof of ownership of Plaza Hotel Curaçao in accordance with the law. For clarity, transparency and better understanding of this letter to the editor, it should be noted that on april the 10th of 2006, I executed a contract to purchase Plaza Hotel Curaçao from Van der Valk Plaza BV. The Plaza Hotel purchase consisted of two parts.

One was exclusively focused on real estate/hotel ownership;

the other was the overall management of the hotel ownership.

On the real estate/hotel ownership side, a Netherlands Antilles corporation called Fort Shore NV, was opened consisting of three owners/shareholders, Frank Buscemi through Fort Coast Group NV, Layne Rachowicz through South Sky NV, and myself Barney Ivanovic through Ocean Side Management NV. Each with an equal one-third interest thereof.

In order to secure the financing, it was recommended that the parties open a company in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for the purposes of depositing all of the shares of Fort Shore, as collateral for the 10 million dollar loan.

Accordingly, I opened up Bayside Holding Group Limited on September 11, 2006. Overseas Management Company Trust (BVI) Ltd., (OMC) a Registered Agent and provided Registered Office in Tortola, BVI.

I was attacked and illegally removed by Chester Peterson and armed Speedy Security officers in presence of the Curaçao Police from my office in Plaza Hotel Curaçao without just cause on March 1, 2008, allegedly by Layne Rachowicz and Frank Buscemi’s order, case numbers KG55/2007 and AR61/2008KG, and judges ruled in my favour.

I was denied to return to the Plaza Hotel Curaçao, due to pending case number AR60/2008KG. The Court ordered Ocean Side Management shares in Metro Group and Bayside Holding Group to be sold without any legal documents to support subject matter judgement or just cause.

The judgement ordering sale of Ocean Side Management shares was set aside by the Court of Appeal, case number KG60/08–H197/08. Even that the Court of Appeal, case number KG60/08– H197/08, and as well the judgements KG55/2007 and AR61/2008KG, are in favour of Ocean Side Management, I am denied and obstructed to return to the Plaza Hotel Curaçao by the Court without just cause.

South Sky in case number AR29885/2009, states to be 100% shareholder of Bayside Holding Group, further, Bayside Holding Group is 100% shareholder of Fort Shore, further, Fort Shore is owner of Plaza Hotel Curaçao, however, South Sky failed to attach factual evidence, legal documents, Government and Civil Law Notary documents, subject matter companies chain of shares titles, corporate documents and shareholders resolutions in support to its statement as required by Law.

Further, South Sky failed to attach documents of proof of Layne Rachowicz’s relationship and/or ownership of South Sky, Fort Shore, Metro Group and Bayside Holding Group, in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

Inability to provide the legal documentation evidencing Layne Rachowicz’s ownership of the Plaza Hotel Curaçao is in question. Metro Group, the Plaza Hotel Curaçao management company and economic owner where Ocean Side Management is the majority shareholder (52%) was never mentioned in any documents as a seller of any shares.

It should be noted, the final obstruction of justice was as per case number AR29885/2009, Judgement dated October 3, 2013, where Ocean Side Management was denied by the Court to file its pleading on October 28, 2013, further, the Court Clerk accepted Ocean Side documents, stamped them with the Court stamp, then upon a phone call to someone, the clerk used white out to erase the date and returned Documents to Ocean Side with alleged statement that was ordered not to accept any documents from Ocean Side, 3 days later the Court found Ocean Side in default and scheduled Judgment for December 9, 2013 without allowing Ocean Side Management discovery, due process and pleading.

Further, due to continued obstruction of justice, I requested among others from Honorable Judge Eunice Saleh and mr. Sabine J.C. Anthonio, at the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba, case number AR29885/2009 the following:

to appoint an independent Judicial committee to examine and evaluate subject matter proceedings in compliance with the law and for subject matter proceedings be filed with the Mr. Ivo Opstelten, the Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie, for the further governing, as the Court in Curaçao, is incapable to administer the law with justice, equality and impartiality.

As of today upon many requests to Government, Judge Saleh and Adèle van der Pluijm-Vrede, a Civil Law Notary, I never received any documents including chain of titles that constitute and justify Layne Rachowicz’s ownership of the Plaza Hotel Curaçao.

Sincerely yours,



bron: Amigoe

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