OM | 25-Year old male arrested for liquidating evidence in “Oro Diamante” robbery


Nieuwe officier van justitie voor St. Maarten

Openbaar Ministerie Sint Maarten

On Friday August 7th, in the afternoon, an arrest was made in the case of the ‘Oro Diamante robbery’, the case in which our beloved colleague Gamali Benjamin was shot.

A 25-year old male was arrested by members of the ‘Multi Disciplinary Investigation Team’. This team consists of members from the Federal Detectives (Landsrecherche), the R.S.T. (Recherche Samenwerkings Team) and KPSM and it’s handling the robbery case.

The 25-year old man was arrested because he’s suspected of his complicity in this case; he tried to get rid of evidence which could be important for the detectives to solve this case.

He was taken to the police station in Philipsburg where the public prosecutor decided to put him into custody for the time being. He will be questioned by members of the Multi Disciplinary Investigation Team.

Bron: Openbaar Ministerie Sint Maarten/ Public Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten

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