TheBuzz | Drone view of St. Maarten devastation

Wheathernation – Drone footage posted over the weekend captures the extent of destruction wrought by Hurricane Irma on the Caribbean Island of Sint Maartin on September 6. It’s this kind of video that shows you the power of Irma. The destruction on St. Maarten (also known as Sint Maarten) is almost hard to comprehend.

The video from WeatherNation shows a shattered island.

It’s been estimated the hurricane destroyed as much as 95 per cent of the island, rendering it virtually uninhabitable. Those with money have been able to leave…but many of the poorer locals have nowhere to go.

It will take a long time to rebuild – as many will be starting from zero.

More: – Video: eryonlabs via Storyful

Bron: TheBuzz

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