Vacancies filled at GCB

Vacancies filled at Gaming Control Board GCB

Vacancies filled at Gaming Control Board GCB

WILLEMSTAD — The government has filled the vacancies within the management of the Gaming Control Board (GCB). Sherwin Casper and Luigi dos Santos are appointed as chairperson and secretary of the board.

In summary proceedings, the judge ruled recently that the dismissal of board members John Gorsira and Elbert de Windt was justified and would probably stand firm in a basic procedure. Minister of Finance George ‘Jorge’ Jamaloodin (MFK) no longer had confidence in the two board members after he discovered they had renewed the contract of director Raynold Nivillac with one year even though the director reached the retirement age this year.

However, the substitutes Casper and Dos Santos raise the necessary questions. The GCB resorts under the Minister of Finance. Casper is one of the Minister’s most important advisors, while Dos Santos is the brother of Jamaloodin.

In addition, the government proceeded to appoint a new interim director instead of Nivillac. The judge ruled that in conformity with the statutes, the board should have requested permission prior to renewing Nivillac’s contract. As this had not happened, Nivillac will probably have to step down as well.

The new director is Gino Campbell. He too, has close bonds with Jamaloodin through his wife Caryllisch Carolien Martina-Campbell. According to the website of the Chamber of Commerce, Martina-Campbell is the director of both Speedy Armed Division and of Speedycopter, of which Jamaloodin was director-owner.

These three persons have passed the test of government accountants’ bureau Soab that is entrusted with the supervision on the code good corporate governance. However, the Soab does not mention this on their website yet.

According to the website Linkedin, Campbell is a partner of HLB Netherlands Antilles Accountants & Business Advisors.

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