Youtube | Protest against USA breaks out in Curaçao cruise port

Protest against USA breaks out in Curaçao cruise port, puts cruise passengers in panic.

Today in Curaçao, while we were in port… a huge protest broke out… between the Curacao citizens and the Curacao parliament. According to the gentlemen we spoke to ) that spoke English in the middle of the Video), the protest was in regards to the United States providing aid to their government. Such aid would cause possible conflict Venezuela.

This protest was performed in the main tourist square in front of hundreds of cruise passengers. This was also in front of the Curacao Government Building. I attempted to speak to a member of the parliament who was outside after the protest and tried to get an interview. I was informed that he would not give an interview as he did the Curacao Government did not want the people of America to know about this protest.

I must say, I was… and I believe all of the cruise tourist were very afraid when this protest broke out.

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